Meet Brad Barnett

Founder and Operator of Seamless Rigging

About Brad

Master Innovator and Master Inventor

Master Designer and Master Fabricator

Master Rigger and Avid Sky Diver

"Life is Good. Actually, It's Fantastic!"

"I know my purpose. It's really pretty simple: Loving my wonderful wife and two kids, and, Continuously Innovating to make Sky Diving Gear better for all of my Sky Diving Friends Everywhere! It just doesn't get any better than that."

"Your Experience IS My Passion!"

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Brad Strives Riggerously

This is the Short Report on Him.

The company, The Man, The Revolution!

Even as a youngster, Brad was Ambitiously looking to the Sky, Reaching for the Stars Relentlessly. Then, as he grew older, Brad became fascinated with the Sport of Sky Diving and finally one day, a little more than Seventeen Years ago, he took a Giant Leap and did his First Tandem Jump. The rest was destiny. Brad knew instantly as he was freefalling and gliding to the earth below that he had found the most Awesome Sport possible. And he never looked back. The first few years, Brad enjoyed our Amazing Sport and got to know the greatest people in the world. As the number of jumps started adding up, Brad became interested in becoming a Coach and a Master Rigger. He Suddenly Realized that his advocation had become a vocation and that was just the beginning of his lifelong journey.

First one certification then another, and another, and another. All the while, Brad was using his forward thinking and desire to make things better to perfection. Using his scientific, enginering and analyical skills Brad deveoped his first Sky Diving Product. The Fully Magnetic Stowless Bag which stayed in development, prototying and extensive testing for over Seven Years before it became available to Sky Divers. Now, it is very quickly is becoming the New Revolutionary Standard. Ask any Sky Diver who uses Seamless Rigging Gear and you'll get the Straight Report. Everyone is consistanly saying the best Jumps of thier lives have been with Seamless Rigging Gear, and, their never looking back. Although this is a Windfall advancement, it is only just the beginning.

When you walk into the Seamless Rigging Research, Design and Fabrication Facility, You will See Many Innovative Products that are available now. And even more exciting, you will catch a glimpse of many upcoming products that are documented on paper, on whiteboards, on sticky notes and also prototypes in Frabrication and Testing. Every Seamless Rigging Friend is Anxiously waiting their Availability which will be soon, and for many Years to come. So, We welcome you to Jump into our Website and learn more about Seamless Rigging. Go Seamless! Go Stowless!